Air Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump absorbs heat from the external air, even at low temperatures, using refrigerant, where it passes through a compressor which increases the temperature and is transferred into hot water via a heat exchanger. The benefits are lower heating and hot water bills and reducing your carbon footprint as renewable heat is green and does not release harmful CO2. Currently the government, via OfGem, (UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) are offering a renewable heat incentive RHI scheme for domestic customers to claim for 7 years, paying for the heat generated by the heat pump.

The first stage is the system design based on room by room heat loss calculations to size the heat pump to the required load. Argus Ltd supply, install, commission and test the heat pump in accordance with MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme), including certification.

Our service also includes notification of electrical connection of the heat pump to the electrical distribution operator DNO and notification to building control. We can also arrange for an energy performance certificate EPC for the property in order to claim the RHI grant.

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