Low Voltage and Low Energy Internal and External Lighting Schemes

With the rising cost of energy clients are now looking towards solutions with lower maintenance costs and energy efficiencies with the key focus on low energy lighting. Tailored designs provide energy saving as well as a more comfortable environment in which to work and live.

Landscape Lighting

Creative lighting solutions can transform garden landscapes and provide dramatic extended space to enjoy all year round. Trees, statues, outbuildings, architectural plants and features will all be transformed by inspirational lighting design concepts creating drama and illusion. Equipment is designed for external applications to keep lighting safe and functioning long term. Top quality products from around the world have been sourced for this.

Whole Home Audio Systems combined with Invisible Speakers

Argus Limited can provide the very best quality in hi-fi and multi-room equipment. Systems can include invisible speakers installed within the walls or ceiling voids, visible in-ceiling speakers as well as more conventional speakers and integrated amplifiers. Multi-room audio solutions can give you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from different sound sources, delivering music to different listening zones in the house. Systems can be managed by wall mounted iPads or smart phone apps. Argus Limited installs network cabling and Wifi solutions around the home.

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